Saturday, September 3, 2016

What I've Been Up To (Sept. 3 edition)

So I've been far too quiet in this space. It's been two years but as most of you know, I've been pretty busy with my full-time gig for the LA Daily News. And by busy, I mean since last fall, a ton of late nights thanks to us adding videos to our coverage.

In the past, I used to blog while I wrote for my main gig but when you're basically on call for an 15-hour day, driving close to 3 hours roundtrip when on assignment, plus up until 2-3 a.m. editing's been hard to blog the way I want to (not to mention the rare piece I write for Bro Jackson).

I don't like writing quick stuff because I think my thoughts need to be developed and if you've read me, you know I hate wasting words. But at the recent NABJ Convention, I was challenged to find time for my blog. I was reminded that as much as I tell younger journalists to have one, I need to devote some resources here so people can see my work easier.

So here we go. The EB Sports Report 2.0 will basically be me sharing my videos, story links and whatever quick notes I can find time to drop. Maybe it won't be long analysis but you'll get a chance to enjoy what I've done.

Here's my latest videos. Oaks Christian HS went to the Honor Bowl to face St. Joseph's, the No. 1 team in Pennsylvania. Oaks Christian is ranked No. 1 in my paper's coverage area but they met a buzzsaw in St. Joseph's running backs D'Andre Swift and Christian Waller.

Recap: Swift had four touchdowns and showed why he's committed to Georgia. He looked strong and hard to tackle but also showed he has great hands as a pass-catcher. If you just want to see him in action, watch below. Over 100+ yards receiving and rushing. You can read my story as well.

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