Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Site, A New Beginning

First of all, welcome to the EB Sports Report. If you've followed me on Twitter or read my other site - Virgo Gumbo - you know that I enjoy rapping about sports as much as anything else. I've already explained the rationale for this site on the Gumbo so here I want to give some background on me as well as what I plan to do here.

For those who don't know, I've been a sportswriter in Los Angeles since late 2006. I worked at the LA Sentinel from 2006-2010 and was also the sports editor there since 2008. I've written for ESPN HS, Bleacher Report, The Torrance Daily Breeze and others while I've specialized in high school sports as well as covering the L.A. sports scene.

Fanwise? I rep the Lakers obviously and if you want to know the story behind my other faves, check this link out. But to sum it up, I rock with UCLA, Duke hoops, Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, San Diego Chargers and my alma mater, the University of San Diego.

So what's the EB Sports Report focusing on? I'm taking lessons that I've learned from writing at Bleacher and Rant Sports as well as what I've seen from other popular sites. I've shown some concerns about the state of sports media and this is my way to carve my own solution instead of just complain about the modern sports-industrial complex.

I promise you, the reader, a higher level of sports discussion. I'm still tied to my journalistic integrity first and foremost.  I don't believe in talking about the obvious things and I love looking for different angles that few people are talking about. I'm all about straight talk, good analysis and a side of wit. I may love my teams but in the spirit of Chick Hearn, I'm anti-homerism and I'll call everything as I see it.

I'll focus on the L.A. sports scene but I'm not limited to it. I'll post links of my published stories as well as create new content on pro, college and high school sports. I'll try to also do weekly videos as well. I'm glad to add that to my portfolio last year and I'll be bringing that here.

I'm basically doing the same thing here I did at Virgo Gumbo. I paraphrased Rakim in my tagline because that original line from "Lyrics of Fury" describes what a great writer should do. Sit back, observe and tell you what it means to me. So join me here at the Sports Report and I promise it'll be a fun ride.

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