Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness Update - How's My Bracket Looking?

A quick glance at my bracket says I'm doing pretty well - if by pretty well you mean the entire West region has been blown to smithereens. But I've got 11 Sweet 16 picks along with 5 Elite 8's and 3 Final Four picks.

I also love how Florida Gulf Coast is an indictment of this season in two ways. 1) It speaks to how weak some of the top teams are but in a better way, 2) It explains why college coaches need to let their guys play and not try to hold them back because of a system. Systems are great for college but you have to adjust to your personnel because that'll maximize the system more than just being stubborn.

Finally, I have a few words to the national pundits who are sorry to see Ben Howland go because he had 3 Final Fours on his resume. Enjoy.

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