Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Bout These Dodgers?: Another Day, Another WOW

 "Another incredible moment in the Magic Castle" (Vin Scully after Adrian Gonzalez's walkoff hit)

So after another exciting win at Chavez Ravine, how can you not watch every single game with these Dodgers? How can you see the Dodgers down by any deficit and not wonder how, but when it's going to be overcome? How can you see this team and not think "They just might get to the World Series"

When Chris Capuano pitched a terrible five innings and allowed four runs, it felt like a bad prelude to a good ending. When Adrian Gonzalez and a fresh-off-the-DL Hanley Ramirez led a 6th inning rally to cut the lead to 4-2, I sat back nodding.

And when Andre Ethier dusted off his Captain Clutch cape and tied the game on a pinch-hit bomb in the 9th? My calmness was validated and it erupted into cheers! It felt like 2009 again seeing him step up and swing away like he knew the ball was gone.

But oh there's more!! How crazy is it that freaking Carlos Marmol, the relief pitcher, stepped up to bat in the 10th and sent a ball to the warning track. Yeah, it's been that kind of run where a pitcher getting a walkoff hit wouldn't be the craziest thing.

Then you have the 12th. The Wild Horse Yasiel Puig doing what he does best to set up the win.

Even the cameraman didn't think Puig was taking two. When Scully says it, you're thinking "No Way!!". Sure enough, he slid easily into 2nd like he was Superman.

Adrian Gonzalez made it official with a double down the third base line. Another dose of Blue Magic that leaves you high and fiending for more. It's pure like the stuff Frank Lucas brought to 1970's New York and right now, this is a high like nothing I've ever experienced as a Dodgers fan.
I can't say enough about how Puig has revitalized this team. Everything about that double symbolized what he's done this year: Athleticism, Aggressiveness, Awareness, Hustle, Heart, Fearlessness, Raw talent. And even if he didn't do that, this play from earlier reminded you why his raw talent has little peer among his class.

How some fans left the game early is beyond me. How could they? By now this run shouldn't surprise you but yet it keeps on amazing you. So why would you leave knowing it was coming??

I didn't even mention how the bullpen was lights out again. Seven innings of shutout ball.They haven't gotten much praise besides Jansen but they've been the steady engine allowing the Dodgers to stay close before pulling ahead.

Forget the playoffs, I'm ready to say this team can get to the World Series. At this point, why not? They've overcome a 6-0 and 4-0 deficit in the last seven days. Why can't this hot play continue to October and beyond? At this point, you can't help but believe that this team is too special for something special not to happen.

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