Monday, November 4, 2013

Nick Foles and The Weekend Links

So what to make of Nick Foles? Was yesterday's performance a sign of things to come or was it the 2013 edition of Matt Flynn. You remember him. The backup with the greatest passing day in Packers history who got heavily paid and has only started one game since.

Foles ran a spread offense in Arizona so Chip Kelly's offense is perfect for his talents. He's as good a fit as Michael Vick is and that's why you have capable backups. Keep the machine going. Yet Foles perhaps did that better than anybody in basically 3 quarters of work.

Long story short, this isn't a quarterback controversy yet. Although Vick is 33 and injury prone. Foles did what he was supposed to do so the question isn't if Vick has lost his job. It's can Foles be consistent if given the same opportunity again? Til we know that answer, I'll paraphrase Mack 10 - let's give him his props and that's where it stops.

On to the links of what I've done lately.

My 2nd feature for the Daily Breeze was on Carson High School's secondary sparking the team to a 4-game (now 5-game) winning streak.

And here's my game story from Friday on West Torrance winning behind their running game. (Daily Breeze)

Your weekly Pac-12 review is sprinkled with a dose of LCD Soundsystem and a pinch of 2 Live Crew (Bro Jackson)

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