Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts on Brittney Griner and Mark Cuban's Offer

I posted this yesterday but I'll leave it here for folks to consider. Mark Cuban was a gracious businessman/promoter in offering Brittney Griner a chance to play in the NBA Summer League. But instead of that, perhaps he should look for other ways to directly impact women's basketball than try to compare them to men, which could be a flawed endeavor.

I also made an analogy to the Negro Leagues and what founder Rube Foster wanted. He wanted his teams to be on equal footing with the major leagues, not just be a farm system for poachers. I'm not saying Cuban is a shark by any means, but that energy could be spent on promoting the women's game on its own merit, not a publicity stunt for a player who doesn't deserve it.

In 2013, women don't need to compete against men to prove how great they are if they already do it in their own leagues.

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