Monday, May 6, 2013

Let them Wait!! (A Few Words on Derrick Rose)

This week's video tackles a topic I've had on my mind for a while. Folks trying to rush Derrick Rose off the bench and into the Bulls' starting lineup and questioning his manhood, toughness and commitment. Not even 2 years after he won the MVP.

It exposes a few things. 1) Fans are naturally selfish, 2) Football recoveries and modern medicine have made them numb to the mental recovery from an injury, 3) Rose's opinion of his body - which should matter more than a doctor - is meaningless to many who are jumping on the train of following this story.

To the Chicago Bulls' credit, they aren't putting any pressure on him. Neither should we.  To the fans who disagree, I give you the words of King Jaffe from "Coming to America."

Let's focus on how the Bulls who are playing will do against the rested Miami Heat. My prediction: Heat in a hard-fought 5-game series.

Joakim Noah also has some words for everybody regarding his teammate.

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