Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are the Lakers Getting Desperate?

So this is real huh?

We know that Dwight Howard has a decision to make. We also know that he didn't impress many during his 2012-13 season due to his injury recovery, mental state, lack of post moves and overall inconsistent play despite leading the league in rebounds. Heck, we know the Clippers have stolen the buzz in LA with a thunderclap with Doc Rivers.

It's important the Lakers do their best to convince Howard to stay here, despite my nonchalance over it. But this billboard the Lakers have on Staples Center? This has gone too far.

What has this team become? With Kobe hurting and Pau Gasol or Metta World Peace maybe being amnestied, this is what they stoop to?? Begging a quality big man to stay instead of working hard to convince him behind the scenes?? Begging?!??!?!?!?!

Lakers fans don't beg someone to stay. Neither do the Lakers. They don't hang billboards like teams who haven't had anything close to their years of success. They don't reduce themselves to being at the mercy of a free agent. Free agents choose to be here or don't. No harm, no foul.

There's one in Hollywood too? Man, what have we become??
At least that's the Lakers way I grew up with. It's not a sense of feeling superior but just a sense of going about things differently as one of the NBA's marquee franchises. Even in the lean 1990's, the Lakers didn't beg Shaquille O'Neal to come here.

Jerry West offered a great contract, took Shaq around the Forum and showed him the rafters. He didn't beg him, he just said, "Son, if you work hard, you could have your jersey up there one day." Words and actions speak loud and while West's spoke volumes, this sounds like whining.

Things are bleak. The Lakers aren't as attractive as they've been in years past. This team looks like it'll be worse in 2013-14. Still lacking in youth and perimeter play. But while I'm honest, the Lakers had better work on selling the future to Howard instead of lead fans in begging like a clingy lover.

I know the future of the franchise at the moment probably depends on this, but have some respect for yourself. It's bad when fans show their thirst for Dwight but even worse when the team encourages it. Guess it really is gonna be a long summer.

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