Friday, June 28, 2013

Recapping the Crazy, Fun and Wild 2013 NBA Draft

So raise your hands if you expected Anthony Bennett going No. 1?? Raise your hands if you expected the Pac-12 to tie for the most draft picks by conference?? Heck, raise your hands if you've not dizzy from all the trade talk.

I tried my best to focus on what I liked in the draft. No losers, just winners and good things. Except for maybe a few words on Bill Simmons trying to bring down the draft coverage like he does on the ESPN NBA crew.

Oh and Cody Zeller to Charlotte? Good luck there. 

I'd also like to say I'm very happy for Allen Crabbe and Solomon Hill, having covered them close in high school. I saw Tony Snell help Kawhi Leonard beat Mater Dei in the 2009 CIF Division I-AA championship and it's funny that Riverside King now has 2 NBA players from their squad and that loaded Mater Dei team has none yet.

Also, I didn't cover this in the video but the Boston-Brooklyn trade? Either the Nets are going to be the 2003-04 Lakers or it's going to blow up spectacularly. Rajon Rondo's going to have be a miracle worker but he's got good pieces in Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace along with Marquis Daniels and Avery Bradley.

Five years after they met in the NBA Finals, the Celtics and Lakers are both pretty close to starting back at square one. Nature of the beast, I guess.

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