Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NBA Finals: A Masterpiece Game 6 Gives Us Game 7

Game 6 was a battle of will, desire and heart. And I loved every bit of it! Neither team wanted to lose and Tim Duncan and LeBron James are part of the reason why this game was an absolute gem.
Game 6 last night was the kind of Game 6 I'm used to seeing in baseball. The World Series is full of classic Game 6 moments. 2011 when the Cardinals came back. 1986 when the Red Sox blew that lead. 1991 when Kirby Puckett did everything to win that game.

We just got that as hoops fans. A masterpiece performance from both teams and several players. A memorable comeback. Both teams willing each other to the top and defense saving the day. All I can do is try to make sense of it and I hope I did in this video.

LeBron James gave us another great Game 6 to remind us of what he did last year in Game 6 vs. Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals. Tony Parker reminded us how he won Game 1. Tim Duncan reminded us why he's still an All-NBA level contributor. Kawhi Leonard showed why he's going to be a very good player in this league.

And that's just some of the folks worth praising. How about Ray Allen on offense and defense? Chris Bosh being aggressive on the glass AND as a shot blocker. Shane Battier's defense! Alright, let me stop so you'll have a reason to watch this video. It's only fitting we have one more game of this and I'm so excited!

I also jumped on a podcast with my guy Paris and his brother Zeph and we talked more in depth on Game 6. Check that out here cause that was a doozy as we consoled Zeph on being upset that the Heat ruined his evening.

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