Thursday, June 6, 2013

NBA Finals Game 1 Notes (Tony Parker's World)

All I have to say after Game 1. Can we please get at least five more of these?

The first three quarters were magnificent. Great execution from the two best teams in basketball. A reminder why both regular season games were down to the wire. And in the fourth, Gregg Popovich said, "Turn it up" and Tony Parker went to work.

Parker's dagger shot with under 7 seconds left may have been fluky but it was incredible after a turnover free game. Just an unbelievable make considering LeBron James was all over him and he fell to the floor just prior to the shot. A fitting end to how well the Spurs played in the final frame to slowly pull that game away.

Oh and Tim Duncan had 20 points, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks. The Spurs only had 4 turnovers this game. How much better can you play as a team on the road? They were out-rebounded, out-assisted and still won?

Tip my hat also to James for an incredible all-around effort (18 pts, 18 rebs, 10 dimes). He got folks involved and if he's get chastised for that, then that's on you. I'll only say that he has to score 25 a game here on out cause it appears the Spurs will let him be Magic Johnson instead of the combo Magic-MJ he can be. They also did a great job shutting down his drives to the basket.

Here's what the Spurs and Heat need to do in Game 2.


Hit some open shots. The extra passing was throwing off the Heat's defensive rotations and I saw Danny Green/Kawhi Leonard/Gary Neal miss many open opportunities. If those shots fall, this game could've been over sooner.

Tiago Splitter was almost a non-factor (7 pts, 2 rebs) as I barely remembered him out there. Kawhi Leonard did his part with a double-double but Splitter can play better than this. Especially if Chris Bosh is going to be a jump shooter.


Dwyane Wade had only four points in the second half. Chris Bosh had only five rebounds in the game. Something's gotta change and since I don't believe Wade has more in the tank, I'm looking at Bosh to do this. STOP SHOOTING and PLAY BIG. He has to make his presence felt. Can't be playing like a small forward out there.

D-Wade scored here to open the 2nd half but he only scored once more afterwards. He and Chris Bosh let their team down in Game 1 and they need to bring more to the plate.
Besides Ray Allen and Chris Anderson, Miami's role players were spotty. Guys weren't looking for shots when driving. When they beat the Pacers, Miami got a ton more balance. In Game 2, they need Haslem to have more than 2 points and Shane Battier can't be scoreless. LeBron can't do all the work to make it easy.

Put LeBron on Tony Parker much sooner. Besides that last shot, it worked as well as I thought and I think they need to go ahead and risk that matchup with at least 6-7 mins in the 4th quarter than 2-3 mins left.

Both teams head to the Adjustment Bureau to get ready for Game 2. Me? Us? Let's pray we get more greatness on Sunday!

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