Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Housekeeping Notes (Couple Links, Videos and More)

I've been neglecting to post some links in here on what I've done. So let me show you some of the good of what I've been up to as I'm surrounded by a wave of Blue Euphoria after the Dodgers found another way to win a close game.

I'm going to write a piece about memories of the 2009 LCS tomorrow but let me preview it by saying this. I wasn't confident the Dodgers were going to win that series. This time? I have a lot more faith.

My weekly Pac-12 Roundup/Power Poll - Stanford-Washington leads it off. (Bro Jackson)

My 1st time ever attending, much less covering a cross-country meet. It wasn't just 85 degrees but it was a dry heat at a dirt road course with a difficult hill to climb at one point during the race. Nevertheless, it's a great story where I took a lot of video but also inspired me to get back more consistent on running. (Daily Breeze)

On Friday, I covered San Pedro's win against Fairfax. Good to see two LA City schools face off and as a great perk, I got to see my old coworker's son Jason Lewis Jr. play for Fairfax. (Daily Breeze)

I'll also add for commentary that seeing LAUSD schools play nowadays is bittersweet. You still see talented players but gone are the days where you'll see City rosters go 60-70 deep. Most teams have about 40-50 players and there's a lot of reasons why (Injuries, safety concerns, changing demographics) but it's still good giving them coverage as they sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Here's some videos I took from the cross country meet. No videos this week (yet?) but I might have some great news to share later via the Breeze.

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