Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Links!! (It's Friiiiday, Throw Your Neighborhood in the Air)

Some things for the road as we enjoy today. As usual, I'll be out on Friday Night Lights hanging at Narbonne vs. San Pedro. I've seen three absolute thrillers with both teams (twice in 08 - including the infamous tied City Final, once in 2009) so I'm excited except for the prospect of being cold out there.

Here's some last minute things to throw at you.

UCLA vs. Stanford. Biggest game for the Bruins all year and they have a much better chance of winning that I thought two weeks ago. I got your preview, breakdowns and predictions for how tomorrow will go.  (UCLA 24/7)

For the rest of the Pac-12 this weekend, visit Bro Jackson and see my preview. You might learn some things about why the conference is stronger than anybody not named the SEC.

I spread my wings a bit with the Daily Breeze this week. I covered my first water polo match and Thursday, I covered my 2nd cross country match. Check out those videos on the side cause those were shot by yours truly.

And if you missed that piece I wrote here on Steve Bartman and how we wrongfully label folks goat and chokers, here you go. Enjoy the weekend.

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