Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas/New Year's Housekeeping

So here at the EB Sports Report, I've been silent due to other obligations and life situations. I'm still covering prep sports for the Daily Breeze and I'm still enjoying my work with one of the best sports blogs around. But I figure I'd make a few announcements for the rest of the year.

I plan on doing two more videos. One to wrap up USC's season and another for UCLA. The videos were few and far between this year but in my mind, they're also far better. I'll find a way to do more in 2014.

Also, if you followed me on Virgo Gumbo, you know I don't like doing end-of-the-year stuff until January. Only because something amazing can still happen between now and New Year's. So sometimes that first week of the year, I'll share those here.

Quick links. Only had one story this week but it was good. Visiting an old friend in Narbonne head coach Victoria Sanders as her girls squad defeated league rival Carson. Also you can check out my blog posts for the Daily Breeze right here at Pure Preps.

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